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앱 설명

Learn how to edit home videos with iMovie, for iPhone or iPad. LearnTV's 16 video lessons will teach you everything you need to know. We even teach how to edit Slo-Mo movies, it's awesome! Get the most out of your iOS device!

The iMovie User Interface
The Project User Interface
The Basics of Editing
Themes in iMovie
Transitions in iMovie
Precision Edits
Animate Photographs
Record a Voice Narration
Sound Levels
Titles in iMovie
Splits and Freeze Frames
Special Effects
Shoot Into The Timeline
Make a Movie Trailer
Slo-Mo Editing
Exporting from iMovie

Thousands have learned iMovie from this set of tutorials. Join the ranks of those who know how to effectively use their iPhones as video making devices. You'll never look back...

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