Opti: Eye Care

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앱 설명

Opti helps you check your eyes and keep them healthy. Take advantage of a collection of eye tests and exercises. Just load up Opti, get a quick eye workout, and pretty soon your nickname will be Hawkeye.

Opti: Eye Care is not a certified medical device and cannot replace a trained eye care specialist.

There are several criteria of your vision quality and you can test most of them by passing these tests:

– Visual Acuity test helps you check whether the acuity of your vision is within the conventional rate.

– Astigmatism test identifies irregular curvature of the cornea or lens. These usually decrease your vision quality if their acceptable intensity is exceeded.

– Contrast Vision test measures your ability to distinguish details that are not highlighted or outlined clearly.

– Color Blindness test consists of a number of colored circles, called Ishihara plates. It is designed to give a quick assessment of your color vision.

– Macular Degeneration test, also known as the Amsler Grid test reveals eye deviances caused by age-related macular degeneration or other macular conditions.

As a rule, we mostly make our eyes work within a certain pattern that’s imposed by our work or habits. Therefore, it is important to train our eyes, so they remember how to do all the other stuff. Here’s how you train them:

– Directional exercises help you reduce unhealthy eye strain and improve vision on different distances.

– Palming is a simple and effective relaxation exercise that helps you remove eye strain and even clear your mind a little.

Go ahead and try them all out!

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