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앱 설명

Explore the world from your living room. Mappist is an easy-to-use online map viewer that lets you view street, topographic and aerial maps on your TV.

An Internet connection is required. Current map servers supported are OpenStreetMap, OpenAerial, OpenCycleMap (global coverage), USGS Topographic, Imagery and hybrid topo/imagery (USA). *** NEW: *** Add more map types by entering a tile server URL. You can add any tile server that uses XYZ or quad tree URL parameters for raster tiles. If adding a new server, you must ensure that you are in compliance with that server's terms of use.

Easily pan and zoom with the Apple TV remote (double tap and swipe to zoom) or MFi game controller. Search for place names and zoom the map to the results.

Map tiles courtesy of MapQuest, US Geological Survey, and

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