Perfect 11 - Solitaire Game

퍼블리셔: Hamtaw Inc.
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앱 설명

A fun and addictive solitaire-style card game. An undiscovered classic that you will fall in love with right away.

- Relax after a long day with a few rounds. Unlike some other solitaire-style games, Perfect 11 is simple and fast.
- Teach children some maths in a fun way. Perfect 11 is based on adding cards to 11, which is great for learning addition. Children of all ages love this game.
- Challenge your friends and the world. Collect great achievements.

How to play:
1. Deal cards
2. Switch face cards to keep them till the end.
3. Find every 2 cards that add up to 11.

Goal of the game:
- End up with face cards on top of every stack of cards.

WARNING: This game is addictive. So remember to eat and sleep in between rounds.

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