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앱 설명

Dou you want to see Eurocup 2016 with Caravel? Enter in and select live stream.

Caravel for Apple TV is the Video Player for the companion browser app "Caravel Video Browser".

With Caravel Video Browser for iOS you can browse the Web and find videos to play. When you find a video, you can send it to Caravel for Apple TV and play it natively, without consuming Wifi and battery as if you send by Airplay. This free your iOS device for other tasks.

Caravel for Apple TV needs the companion iOS app to receive videos. If you buy Caravel for Apple TV you could download free the companion iOS app.

Note: some web sites generate temporal links for the videos. If you save one of these links, It will not work some hours after.

More info and instructions here:

If you have some problem, please send us a mail to

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