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앱 설명

Let's play Darts!

First there was Cueist, now comes Bullist... we think it's the most beautiful darts game ever, and it's only on Apple TV.

Use the remote's built-in sensors to throw darts naturally, but remember to hold the remote upright (vertically) and swing back then forward.

Controls are very simple. First lightly touch the remote's touchpad surface to zoom in, and move your thumb around to set your target point. Then hold the touchpad's button and make the throwing action .

It'll take some practice to get good at this, but you can always take the easy way out - add "easy" to your player's name and your accuracy will improve dramatically. This is also a good way to make unbalanced matches fairer.

It's a game for 1 to 4 players (or teams) and you can choose to play 101, 301, 501, and 701.

Get some mates 'round and have a tournament!

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