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앱 설명

Tumblbee - your beautiful photo viewer and screensaver for Tumblr

Discover millions of great pictures from one of the worlds most exiting social networks! No matter what your interests are - Tumblbee will create a gorgeous, virtual endless slideshow of photos according to your taste.

All images are presented in a nice transition - starting as a small initial presentation, than zooming elegantly to fullscreen. For the purpose of variety the initial rotation of the picture will be changed with every picture - resulting in an amazing, lively experience.


• Setup the slideshow to display photo blog posts of a given blog
• Setup the slideshow to display photo likes of a given blog
• Setup the slideshow to display photos with a given tag
• Setup the time every picture should be displayed (frequency)
• Pause the slideshow at any time to enjoy the current image for longer
• Block the current photo so it will not be displayed again
• A history of all your visited blogs and tags will be kept, so you do not need to enter anything twice

Coming soon as a FREE update:

• Log into your own Tumblr blog
• Like photos with your remote control
• Bookmark photo posts
• More slideshow layouts!

Tumblbee is NOT affiliated with, funded, or in any way associated with Tumblr Incorporated.
The opinions and views expressed at or through Tumblr blog posts are the opinions of the designated authors and do not reflect the opinions or views of Tumblbee.

Made in Switzerland with a lot of love <3

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