Galleria: Fireplace Aquarium Sunset Marina & Zen

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앱 설명

Galleria transforms your TV into a magical, relaxing and tranquil reality with a 5-in-1 collection of beautiful, hi-definition videos:

1. Rustic Fireplace
2. Aquarium
3. Zen Garden
4. Marina Bay at Night
5. Ocean Sunset

With Galleria, you can turn your space into an inviting, relaxing, and soothing atmosphere. It's the ideal complement to any living room, bedroom, or children's nursery.

Features all original footage. Each video is the highest quality available on Apple TV - Full High Definition (1080p), providing you an incredibly detailed visual experience. Enjoy the natural soundtrack, while the soothing sounds create a relaxing sense of ambiance and mood.

Download once, then play as many times as you like for the lifetime of the app. No buffering or monthly subscriptions!

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