ABC School Bus

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앱 설명

Have your child learn their ABCs and basic spelling with the educational app specially made for Apple TV! Lock your doors and fasten your seatbelts because fun and learning are just around the bend!

Take control of several vehicles as they explore the city’s streets in search of letters. Collect the right letters to spell given words and advance to the next stage. Choose from many difficulty modes to test your child’s abilities. Advanced stages feature longer words, creating the potential for some serious learning! With a wide array of words to choose from, adorable cars and buses to drive, and customizable difficulty level, ABC School Bus is an amazing learning tool suited for absolutely any child!

Learning has never been this fun. Hop on board!

- Hours of fun learning experiences
- Easy to play with intuitive controls
- Cute cars and buses
- Beautiful 3D graphics and catchy music
- Customizable vehicles and difficulty level

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