Brick Attack

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Retro arcade fun for the whole family!

Brick Attack is a fun retro style arcade game that feels familiar while having a modern, updated look and feel. Brick Attack is engaging for kids and adults. Anyone can play - even the smallest family members!

Brick Attack’s difficulty levels help to make the game more or less challenging to suit players in one and two player mode, and the state of the art custom AI in one player mode adjusts with the difficulty level as well. Since Brick Attack has NO QUESTIONABLE CONTENT, and controlling the game is simple, it is a game that you can play with children of any age.

Brick Attack’s menu icons have been designed so that you can navigate the menus easily whether or not you read english, so kids and non-english speakers can comfortably navigate menu options and enjoy the game.

Brick Attack is compatible with the Apple Remote or after market game controllers in one player mode. For two player mode at least one after market controller is required. In two player mode you can use either the Apple Remote and a game controller or two game controllers.

Brick Attack is a fun family oriented game that anyone regardless of age or background can enjoy.


- Pay once, play for ever—NO ADS, NO IN-APP PURCHASES
- Modern yet familiar retro look and feel
- Fun for all ages
- 10 different difficulty settings
- Separate controls for music and sound effects volume
- Custom Artificial Intelligence in one player mode that adapts to difficulty settings
- Family friendly content
- Familiar icons for settings and menus (in case players don’t read English)
- Apple Remote support
- After market controller support

Make family game night fun again with Brick Attack.

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