Countdown Timer: Count to Days

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앱 설명

Want to never forget your events?
Count down to your next friend's birthday, your next trip abroad, your next vacation or anything else you want to make an amazing countdown that counts by days, hours and minutes to your favorite events!

Countdown 24/7 is the best way to manage your events countdowns and reminders with an amazing and easy to use interface!

Some of the great features Countdown 24/7 Offers:
- Add Countdowns with Categories for best management
- Repetitive Events
- Beautiful Countdown Clock Mode
- iCloud Support - Sync countdowns across iCloud devices & Save them on the Cloud.
- Historical Events - Passed events has their own screen for a much more organised experience
- Unlimited number of events to count down
- Unlimited Categories
- Beautiful interface to see how much time left until your event arrives!

So what are you waiting for? Countdown 24/7 is the app for you!

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