The Dance of the Little Water Drops

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앱 설명

Can a symphony emerge out of noise?

Pots and pans and toys become musical instruments and little drops of water turn into musicians,
slowly, slowly, the music starts to take shape...

The new story by Giovanelli Danilo, ‘The Dance of the Little Water Drops’, transforms into a game, a burst of notes and colours, in search of music.

- Create your own symphony with pots and pans
- Lead a band of little water drops, exploring countless combinations of sounds
- 7 little water drops, each with its own voice and musical instrument
- An original, all-new story
- Narrator and text in 11 languages
- Discover a magical musical bedroom (Only for iOS Version)
- Compatible with iPhone, iPad, iPod and Apple TV.

Just like ALL of the MagisterApp apps, constantly UPDATED and IMPROVED,
including in response to your suggestions. Visit us at !

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