Galaxy HD TV

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앱 설명

Galaxy HD TV will turn your display into a beautiful view from space. You can enjoy amazing high quality galaxy views from your Apple TV.

Galaxy HD TV will not only allow you to customize your screen but also give you a relax atmosphere. Just open this app, decorate you TV screen and impress your guests.

Perfect for relaxation, entertainment or to simply leave on your TV while you go about your day or have conversation with friends and family.

The download of this app will give you access to 12 different hd quality views from space which all are in high definition resolution (1920x1080).

Benefits of Galaxy HD TV theme
- 12 different screens from space including nebulas, stars and galaxy views.
- High definition resolutions (1920x1080).
- Seamlessly looping magnificent space views.
- Impressive views and colors of space.
- Friendly user interface.
- Made exclusively for Apple TV.

Explore the universe and admire the beauty of distant galaxies located millions of light-years from the sun. With Galaxy HD TV you can visualize giant spiral disk of stars, dust and glowing gases, including nebulas, interstellar cloud of dusts, hydrogen, helium and other ionized gases. Customize your screen with this amazing and beautiful app

Note: This app doesn’t function as an Apple TV screen saver. It is not a live wallpaper. It must be launched independently like other apps. This app does not contain any ads.

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