Aquarium TV by Relax Zones

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앱 설명

** Aquarium TV by Relax Zones is now available FREE to download and preview. Purchase Unlimited mode to enjoy the complete 20 minute footage with Infinite Looping. A single in-app purchase gives you lifetime access ... Enjoy! **

Aquarium TV is the most impressive tropical aquarium by Relax Zones. It was filmed in 4K Ultra HD resolution and then down-scaled to Full HD. This squeezes in 4 times more detail compared to aquarium videos filmed in Full HD. Enjoy your very own colorful fish tank now!

Features of Aquarium TV:
- Amazing living corals including soft and hard coral
- Instant playback with automatic looping
- Completely original footage
- Beautiful fish including Clownfish and Yellow Tang
- High resolution aquarium video for super realistic playback
- Vivid colors and sharp details
- Relaxing sound of flowing water and gentle bubbles
- Full HD 1080p resolution (downscaled from 4K Ultra HD)

Uses for Aquarium TV:
- Your own virtual fish tank
- Relaxation aid
- Helps get rid of stress
- Dinner party background video
- Entertain kids
- Promotes conversation
- Impress visitors

*** Relax Zones always uses Full HD videos to create a premium experience on your Apple TV. Our Zones include Aquarium, Fireplaces and Nature - be sure to collect them all! Simply search "relax zones" in the App Store. ***

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