Busy Water

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앱 설명

Discover the Busy Water Aquarium, a super fun place for your child to feed & play with Archie the fish…oh and they will even have to clean up after it!

Children will be rewarded with points and be able to play fun games like football, baseball, badminton, and more. Points earned can be redeemed to decorate the aquarium and even unlock accessories for their little buddy in the iOS app.

***The Apple TV version is different from the iOS version, don’t forget to play with the app on your iPhone, iPad or iPod touch***

- Brought to you by the same creators as Busy Shapes & Crazy Gears
- Feed, clean, and play games with your fish to keep him happy
- The more you play with your fish, the more points you earn
- Redeem points to unlock fun things for your aquarium & to get special bonuses in the iOS app

Objective: get enough points to buy the cleaner fish!

AGE: 6 to 10 years old

About the iPhone/iPad version:
"Busy Water" promotes creativity and problem-solving skills which are an ideal introduction to pre-coding. The 100+ levels provide exciting challenges, new tools and are a fun introduction into the worlds of gravity, physics and states of water. Each level allows more than one solution so be creative and think outside the tank!

Edoki Academy’s mission is to provide children with enjoyable early-learning activities using the latest technologies. Our team members, many of whom are young parents or teachers, strive to produce tools that motivate and inspire children to learn, play, and progress.

We take your child’s privacy very seriously, for this reason, we are proud to offer a product that is certified COPPA compliant by PRIVO.

If you have any support requests, comments, or questions do not hesitate to contact us at support@edokiacademy.com or visit the Edoki Academy Online Community at edokiacademy.com. We’d love to hear from you!

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