MultiBox TV - HobbyBox Sattelite

퍼블리셔: Ziya Bal
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가격: 12.99 USD

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앱 설명

Enjoy the experience of watching live TV on your AppleTV from your set-top box.
Enjoy the advanced remote control to take control of your set-top box from everywhere.

Supporting a wide range of hardware like: Dreambox, VU+, Coolstream, Dbox, Solo/2 and many more! We have listed a part of this boxes below the description.

MultiBox Pro is meant to watch TV from a satellite receiver or any hardware that generally contains a TV-tuner input.

Live streaming TV
Watch TV on your AppleTV with MultiBox Pro! It’s not only streaming, it’s beyond! Auto control memory for automatic choosing the best video quality.
Experience live streaming TV on your AppleTV everywhere! No need for a double TV at home. MultiBox Pro gives you beyond that.

Easy setup!
Just in a few steps you are connected with your set-top box. Easy and clear without any technical words.

Interested if your set-top box is supported? Check out below.

Features of MultiBox Pro!
· HD Support!
· Watch live TV on your AppleTV!
· Advanced video codec for fast streaming! Even HD!
· Listen Radio!
· Signal status of the channel! Precision accurate signal status.
· Bouquets overview
· Channel overview with detailed EPG information
· Advanced swipe recognize to control actions fast and easy
· Multi Tuner support
· Open-Webif support
· Fast and easy setup your set-top box

Supported Set-Top Box overview
· Dreambox - Dream Multimedia
(i.e. DM7000, DM7020, DM7025, DM8000, DM7020HD, DM800HD, DM500HD, DM7025 and etc.)

· Vu+
(e.g. Solo, Duo, Solo 2 and Ultimo)

· Coolstream
(e.g. Neo, Zee, Neo2)

· D-Box 2
(Nokia, Sagem and Phillips)

· Also supported set-top boxes
(Topfield 7700 HDPVR, Ipbox 900 and QBoxHD)

Do you have feedback or needing support?
Please contact the support with the support button in the AppStore.

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