World Earthquake with NOAA Radar 3D

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앱 설명

The free version has the limited feature. The full version description is listed below:
The Next Generation of 3D Earthquake and NOAA Radar app is here (This app is part of the Universal Purchase. With one purchase, you will be able to know the Earthquake information on your iOS, Watch OS and Apple TV devices.). Are you going to ride a boat, going to beach or live near by the ocean? This app will give you the latest Earthquake information. This app provides you the earthquakes and latest earthquake information on the Apple TV.

What's NEW:
This version is a major update with the following features:
- Earthquake List View
- Earthquake for past hour, day, week and month
- Earthquake filters (Pro only)
- Countries boundary
- Personalization: Click on color button to change the background of the table.
- 3D Map pitch/rotate support

This app has the built-in country boundary. It is a great feature to quick identify the earthquake location and improve the visualization.

When the app is launched, you will see the following two views:
- Earthquake List View
- Earthquake Map View

From the list view, the last hour earthquake is listed. Select an earthquake on the table to see the details on the map. The following earthquake duration are available:
- Past Hour
- Past Day
- Past Week
- Past Month

The following filters are available for the earthquake:
- All
- M1.0+
- M2.5+
- M4.5+
- Significant

From the map view, press the "Menu" button to see the Earthquake listed by name. Select any earthquake to see the location on the map, reload the latest earthquakes, select map type. Press the refresh button to reload the latest earthquakes.

Select the following map type:
- Standard
- Hybird
- Flyover

Press the "Play|Pause" button to see the map control:
- Move Map
- Change selection
- Zoom In
- Zoom Out

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