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앱 설명

TikiLIVE is The Cable Alternative App where you can access 100+ LIVE HD TV channels, along with hundreds of high quality video episodes or listen to dozens of commercial free Radio from your Smart Television sets and mobile devices.


• Watch TV LIVE
• Enjoy movies, TV shows and music from your device
• Large VOD library
• Schedule programming to watch it when you want.

DVR was just released: tune into your favorite live or recorded programs anytime, anywhere. Manage your recordings on our full-featured DVR manager and a fully searchable program guide. This is our newest and easiest channel guide release. Download it for FREE!

- Schedule DVR Recordings
- One-touch recording- simply choose to record the event you wish to view at a later time
- Scan, Search and Select from our Program Guide, On Demand & your DVR
- Powerful search allows you to search for shows, genre, titles, keyword, network and actors
- Scan and Search movies by poster Build your own DVR Library
- Set episode recordings
- Manage, Add DVR titles or delete shows you’ve watched
- View your recording schedule in progress and watch what you want when you want

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