airScreen SAT>IP Player

퍼블리셔: Inverto Digital Labs
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가격: 4.99 USD

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앱 설명

Attention! You'll need a SAT>IP or Terrestrial>IP Server to use this app.

Watch live satellite or terrestrial TV through your Apple TV.

The airScreen Player app connects to SAT>IP compliant Server devices (for satellite or terrestrial reception) that are connected and available over your home network and brings digital free-over-the-air Satellite or Terrestrial television (DTT) directly to your big screen.

You can search for channels, watch your favorite TV shows, create a channel list with your favorite channels and switch from one channel to the other with a finger swift.

You'll need a SAT>IP compliant Server to use this app – available from Amazon, major electronics retail stores or directly from Inverto’s distribution partners.

• The availability and amount of program data varies by broadcaster.
• Performance may be limited by network bandwidth. 802.11n Wi-Fi is recommended.

• Sat>IP compliant server
• tvOS version 9.1

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