3via trivia

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앱 설명

3via is a trivia game with stunning photography and mind-boggling fun trivia facts. Discover the world's wonders, learn its curiosities, or just enjoy a fun and suspenseful trivia game night with your friends.

3via has both a single player trivia mode, as well as multiple multiplayer trivia modes where you and your guests can use your phones and match up in a battle of trivia knowledge. Or test your skills by playing random matchup with other 3via players online. Every trivia game mode has its own fun gameplay... try Death Match and be the last one standing.. or try Speed and see who has the lightning touch.

Current trivia categories include movies, tv shows, mammals, sports, music, beautiful sceneries, astronomy, inventions, cities, literature, exotic vegetables, majestic castles, gorgeous flowers, mysterious fruits, and many more.

If you have any questions, feedback or trivia suggestions, contact us at ahoy@play3via.com

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