Comic Book Reader - Comic Reader + PDF Viewer

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앱 설명

Comic Book Reader lets you easily access and view designated comic book file formats.

Comic Book Reader is easy to use and comes with all tools necessary to organize your collection. Accessing your collection is quick and hassle free thanks to the powerful file manager that comes in the package.

Comic files do not need to be converted and can directly be opened and viewed.

Top Features:

▸ View classic comic file formats: CBZ, CBT, CBR, CB7
▸ View other file formats: ePub, pdf
▸ View image formats: png, jpg, gif
▸ Finger Gestures: Pinch for zooming in / out
▸ Content Managing: Sort, rename and organize comic books
▸ Connectivity: Download from URL, NAS, PC, Mac, WiFi

* The list of compatible files as listed is incomplete and may be altered and especially extended in future updates.

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