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앱 설명

Watch great videos. No more wasted time browsing. Rheo learns your tastes, selects the best videos from our curated library, and delivers them to you in a stream as unique as you.

How are you feeling? Set the mood with a swipe and a tap. Have a laugh, stay informed with the latest news, learn about neat stuff, or chill to some music videos. Or just lean back and let Mix serve you the perfect cocktail of video.

Found a great video? One click lets you dive deeper and explore more like it. Boost it or share it to tell Rheo and others what you like. Review your list of boosted clips whenever you like.

Don’t like this video? Swipe left to get the next one. It’s seamless.

Rheo helps you discover unlimited content from a line-up of sources never before tapped in one place, and not available on Netflix or Hulu -- curated and personalized to you.

Here are just a few:

Brit & Co.
Super Deluxe
Great Big Story
Jimmy Kimmel
Bill Maher
Jimmy Fallon
Graham Norton
Vice News
ABC News
TED Talks
The Economist
Red Bull Media

Sit back and enjoy what you love. Bite-sized video viewing like never before. Rheo is an alternative to YouTube, sling TV, and pluto TV among others.

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