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앱 설명

Watch latest TV Series, recent Hollywood Blockbusters, Asian Movies, Live Sports & Documentaries – all in one place.

With FOX+ you can watch over 10,000 hours of on demand & live programs
• Recent Hollywood blockbusters shortly after theatrical release
• Large library of movies from Hollywood & beyond
• Asian movies and series in original language
• Latest TV series same day as the US, including all previous seasons
• Wide catalogue of drama, comedy, reality shows & family entertainment
• Live Sports: F1, MotoGP, tennis grand slams, golf majors, football and more on FOX Sports
• Best of National Geographic shows: travel, wildlife, documentaries, lifestyle & history

FOX+ features:
• Watch on demand, in HD and with no ads
• Easily switch between your mobile, tablet and TV
• Subtitles available in Traditional Chinese, Bahasa Indonesia, Bahasa Melayu and Thai

In Taiwan currently available for Chunghwa customers.
Availability of content shown varies across countries.

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