Fashion Model Cherry Star Make Up

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앱 설명

Fashion Model: Cherry Star
Beat the fashion fever this spring- summer with your super gorgeous coco cherry star. Yes your top fashion model is waiting for you to take her to super amazing fashion star salon. Get you coco cherry fashion star a next top fashion model of town.
Fashion Model Cherry Star is a whole new experience of High School Fashion and the world of glamour, style and design is calling you to crush the fashion fever fun with your top model and coco fashion star. Just enter the world of fashion with all those dazzling and stunning looks of your fashion star diva. Your barbie doll wants all your attention to make her a fashion princess .
Discover the fashion ride, gorgeous hairstyles, latest and trendy accessories, trendy dresses, trendy lip colors. Your fashion girl wants you to make her a cherry star or a coco star look. Meet the fashion girls of Madrid, Sydney,Paris and pick their fashion style.
In this fun filled fashion model game you can have following features:
- Outrageously stylish clothes and accessories for your fashion model!
- Trendy hairstyles & ultra glam makeup for your coco star!
- Multiple models to style!
-Different skins
-Exciting fashion kit (Lipstick, mascara, face powder, Blush)
-Style and creativity
- Beautiful eye shadows, lipsticks, blushes, and more for you cherry baby star.
- Cute hairstyles to choose from.
- Tons of hot fashions to wear.
- Become a top fashion model!
So rule the world of glamour style and fashion with the hottest looks of your barbie princess. Your cherry star is the fashion tropical coco star and wants to beat the heat of fashion fever with the dazzling and stunning looks.

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