Blimp Code

퍼블리셔: Stephen Evans
평점: 평점이 없음
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앱 설명

Are you the type of family who simply loves taking on a challenge together?

BlimpCode starts out with mysterious yet simplistic challenges, requiring mind-bending Sudoku-like thinking. It only gets harder from there.

Prove your skills through a series of low-level programming challenges, featuring branching, memory operations, input and output, interrupts, recursion, and more.

Some puzzles require a bug fix, and some require optimization. Some require writing algorithms from scratch. The number of cpu cycles you use for each challenge will be tracked and if you solve all the puzzles, you can challenge your friends to beat your number.

Solve on the go from where you left off, by downloading the iOS version on your phone or iPad (this is a fully universal app).

Assembly language is a forgotten art. Yet its elegant simplicity offers a direct view into how computers actually work. Take the BlimpCode challenge and solve puzzles by writing code!

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