Ice Cream Cake Maker - Cooking Game

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앱 설명

Ever wanted to bake and make cakes and have your own cake maker factory? Or did you ever want to make a wedding cake or a birthday cake for a birthday party? The best cooking game for kids is here. Play Cake Maker - Cooking Game Kids and enjoy making yummy cakes for your family and friends. Surprise your mom with amazing delicious cake making skills.

This game gives you all the tools to cook, bake and make yummy cakes. You can decorate the cakes with different flavours after you are done making cakes. Have a great cooking party making delicious cakes.

Make the following flavours of cakes:

1. Cheese Cake
2. Chocolate Cake
3. Ice Cream Cake
4. Strawberry Cake
5. Orange Cake
6. Mango Cake
7. Mocha Cake
8. Dark Chocolate Cake
9. Chocolate Fudge Cake
10. Blackberry Cake
11. Vanilla Cake
12. Chocolate Ice Cream Cake
13. Donut Cake
14. Ice Cream Cake with Donuts
15. Vanilla Ice Cream Cake

You have to mix the ingredients, choose your cake shape, bake the cake and then find the best toppings to decorate the cake. You can make cakes in different shapes – heart shaped cakes for special occasions. Make cakes for birthday party – have a feel of owning a real life bakery.

Dress up cakes with different flavours of donuts and ribbons. The best game for a family fun experience.

After you are done, take pictures of the cake you made in your cake factory and share with friends and family.
Enjoy the most amazing cake making experience.

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