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앱 설명

WilhelmSK uses the SignalK protocol (signalk.org) to display information from your boat's instruments on your AppleTV.

(Note that an iPhone or iPad is required to customize the gauges and page layout on the AppleTV)

For support, please send email to support@wilhelmsk.com

Supported Connections:
- SignalK REST api or Streaming
- iKommunicate REST api or Streaming

Connection Configuration:
- Manual configuration of ip/hostname and port
- SignalK discovery via Bonjour
- iKommunicate discovery via Bonjour

- Water Temperature
- AWA and COG
- Drift
- Set
- GWA (Ground wind angle and speed calulated internally from AWS, AWA and COG)
- Battery Voltage
- Alternator Voltage
- Coolant Temperature
- Oil Pressure
- Oil Temperature
- True Heading
- Magnetic Heading
- Pitch
- Roll
- Yaw
- GPS Position (with link to Apple Maps)
- Water Speed
- Distance to Waypoint
- Route ETA
- Time to Waypoint (computed internally from DTW and SOG)
- Depth
- Fuel Tank Level
- Black Water Tank Level
- Fresh Water Tank Level
- Rudder Angle
- AWA Close Hauled
- Engine Runtime
- GNSS Date
- GNSS Time
- GNSS Date/Time
- Atmospheric Pressure
- Create a gauge for any value available via SignalK

- Customize gauge display using SignalK meta.zones
- Customize the nuber of pages and their layout
- Manuall connection configuration synced accross devices via iCloud
- Animated gauge needles
- Design your own custom gauge templates
- Most gauges can be configured to be digital or analog
- Enter the SignalK path and title for any gauge to show data not supported by default

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