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앱 설명

simpleVID allows watching tv and videos from various online sources on your Apple TV. With simpleVID you can watch IPTV live streams or videos from various internet websites. Add a link to a channel or M3U playlist and watch what you like. You can create channels for your websites and provide a simple and clean way to watch online videos from those websites on Apple TV.

You can use simpleVID to watch videos or live streams from M3U playlists or from custom simpleVID channels which present video content from internet websites. Simply enter a link to a M3U playlist or a custom simpleVID channel and it will be added to the main screen. You can also set EPG source in the application settings to see some informations about TV programs that you are watching.

Note that this app is a client application and users must provide their own channels or M3U playlists to watch IPTV and online videos.

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