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앱 설명

Kids Stories is a complete app for your TV to watch all the HD Stories for KIDS in a single app without need to search anything.
App contains a lot of stories with Different categories like
1- Bed Time Stories.
3- Grandma.
and much more.
Each categories have at least 50 different stories for Kids.

* KIDS will LEARN *
* Wisdom, courage, honesty.
* Makes Them Aware Of Their Own Culture And Roots.
* Enhances Verbal Proficiency.
* Improves Listening Skills.
* Encourages Creativity And Imagination Power.
* A Great Tool For Sharpening Memory.
* Broadens Horizon.
* Makes Academic Learning Easier.
* Better Communication.
* Helps To Face Difficult Situations With Ease.

** In the busy life of today, people don't have much time to tell their kids about these moral stories. In the early age, Grandma and Holy Books stories are something that are important for KIDS.

Each and every category contains a lot of HD content that will be updated after some days.

Now, there is no need to search anywhere for the Kids content just Download This app to watch all the favorite Kids Stories content in a single app.

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