TV Show Heaven

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앱 설명

Enjoy some of the classic TV Shows that have long-ago made their way to TV Heaven! Including many true classics, TV Show Heaven offers hours of fun entertainment.

Includes over 40 episodes from 5 great TV Shows.

TV Show Heaven includes the following episodes:

Captain America:
1.The Purple Death
2.Mechanical Executioner
3.The Scarlet Shroud
4.Preview of Murder
5.Blade of Wrath
6.Vault of Vengeance
7.Wholesale Destruction
8.Cremation in the Clouds
9.Triple Tragedy
10.The Avenging Corpse

1. Showdown
2. The Mission
3. Badge Without Honor
4. The Mill
5. The Hopefuls
6. Denver McKee
7. Day of Reckoning
8. The Abduction

The Lucy Show:
1) Lucy Meets Robert Goulet
2) Lucy Gets Jack Benny’s Account
3) Lucy the Bean Queen
4) Lucy Meets Sheldon Leonard
5) Viv Visits Lucy
6) Lucy Meets the Law
7) Lucy the Starmaker
8) Main Street

Beverly Hillbillies:
1. The Clampetts Strike Oil
2. Getting Settled
3. Meanwhile Back at the Cabin
4. The Clampetts Meet Mrs. Drysdale:
5. Jed Buys Stock
6. Trick or Treat
7. The Servants
8. Jethro Goes to School

Sherlock Holmes:
1. The Case of the Shy Ballerina
2. The Case of the Thistle Killer
3. The Case of the Unlucky Gambler
4. The Case of the Tyrant's Daughter
5. The Case of the Harry Crocker
6. The Case of the Texas Cowgirl
7. The Case of the Belligerent Ghost

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