Sharing for Facebook

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앱 설명

For the first time on Apple TV, we presents sharing on Facebook without the need of Username & Password. Users can share photos, videos and watch live video broadcasts anytime without entering Username & Password from Apple TV.

* Easy to use.
* No Username/Email & Password required.
* LIVE Streams.
* LIVE Streams from different regions
* LIVE Streams of different topics like (Fun, Sports, Games etc.)
* Photo Sharing (Google).
* Video Sharing (Youtube).
* Powerful Photo Gallery.
* Just a 8 digits PIN required.
Download app and Tap Login with facebook. A window will appear and 8 digits PIN would be there. You have to open from your any mobile device, Mac or laptop and you have to enter that 8 digits PIN there and you will be logged in from your Apple TV automatically. No need to use Apple TV keypad anymore.
Download and use facebook on your Apple TV.

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