Backstorm Attack - Endless RPG War Runner

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앱 설명

YOUR MISSION: Save the world from this global threat!
Are you ready to Run and Gun?

Terrorists never give up. At least, until they meet you.
Help our hero in his counter terrorist quest to bring peace to the world and destroy everything that stands in his way.
Kill, destroy, burn, shoot everything that moves. Don't worry, there are no innocents in this game!
Machine guns, grenades, bombers, tanks, mortar projectiles, antiaircraft... Anything goes in this frenetic shooter-RPG.

YOUR PRIZE: Endless entertainment!

When a terrorist dies, another one is born.
In Backstorm there is no final level, there's always another unique map that will put your skills to the test and most of all, will give you countless hours of fun shooting the bad guys.
New missions everyday. Don't miss the opportunity to collect amazing rewards so you can power up your character and take total annihilation to extreme levels!
Lots of fun guaranteed in this amazing runner action game. Great shoot 'em up experience.


- Awesome Gameplay
- Endless Map
- Daily Missions
- Rewards
- Power Ups
- Multiplayer
- Game Center (Leaderboard and Achievements)


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