Sports Streaming and Highlights for Youtube

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앱 설명

Sports Streaming and Highlights for Youtube bringing the top 12 Sports content (streams, latest highlights, Top moments) in a single app for Apple TV users to watch Latest, Highlights, latest scores, Full matches and much more.
* Multiple streams of single SPORT.
* Latest Highlights
* Best moments.
App contains following sports
* BaseBall
* BasketBall
* Cricket
* FootBall
* Ice Hockey
* Swimming
* Table Tennis
* Tennis etc.

with filters
* Top (Top from category)
* Short (Short highlights videos)
* Latest (That are not too old)
With these filters you can watch the Full videos of each and every category, Live, Latest and shorts videos absolutely free for the first time.

It is kind of a browser where you can find everything you needed.
Like a Football Category contains
1- UCL
2- La Liga
3- EPL - Premier League
4- Bundesliga
5- Italian Serie A
6- Portuguese Liga
7- French Ligue 1
8- Dutch Eredivisie
9- Argentine League
10- Brazilian Serie A
11- Major League
12- Euro CUP

There are 12 different Sports and each Sports conatains alot of sub Sports content absolutely free.

Now, there is no need to search anywhere just Download This app to watch all the favorite content in a single app.

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