Instant NOAA Weather Forecast

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앱 설명

This app provides you the instant weather forecast for more than 500 US cities. It also provides you the instant weather forecast based upon your current location (For outside US, it will be a US city near by)

When the app is launched, it has the "Cities Forecast" and "Forecast" views:
- From Cities Forecast, the cities are listed based upon rank (population) and the number one city New York City is selected by default. You can easily switch to a different major city and click on a city for the forecast. Scroll up and down to see more cities.
- From the "Forecast" view, it is based upon your location with the latest forecast update.

Looking for instant update in details for the forecast, this app is for you with the following unique features:
1. Temperature for today and weekly forecast (full version has the whole day forecast)
2. Weather forecast images for today and weekly forecast
3. Text forecast for today and weekly
4. Real time radar image
5. Additional graphic images (full version has all images). Click on any image to see the details.
6. Press the refresh button to get the latest update.

Click on Upgrade button for the full version.

The first version covers your current location. We are extending the app to support cities and any place you would like to get the forecast. More features are coming.

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