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Download Frankly's app for Apple TV, FRKTV 4 News, to see some of the latest features available on the Frankly apps platform. See key features like:

• Access Breaking News and the latest videos right from your Apple TV homepage when you place the app on the Top Shelf
• Live streaming from the Frankly live feed service,, and more
• The launch experience which takes you right to the latest, more important content with just 1 click
• Classic VOD support with the flexibility to display the top content your community wants to see
• The "Top Shelf" on each category page where you can feature your key content above all else
• Current Conditions always available in the menu bar
• Immersive Weather experience featuring all of the communities you serve, the Meteorologist text and video reports, Current Conditions, Hourly Forecast, Daily Forecast, Traffic Cams, and background imagery that matches the Current Conditions
• Use Siri to search all of your video content
• And so much more!

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