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Welcome to the Apple TV companion app for Sporty's Pilot Training for iPhone and iPad.

For the cost of a single flight lesson, Sporty’s Pilot Training course will save you time and money earning your pilot certificate. This is not a weekend “cram course” or a boring ground school lecture on video. It is a comprehensive flight-training companion designed to make your lessons more efficient, more complete and more fun. We operate our own flight school at Sporty’s, so we know your time and money are precious. Invest in a course that saves you both. There is nothing extra to buy—just add flight instructor!

Sporty’s Pilot Training features:

- over 20 hours of engaging video training, shot in and around airplanes and enhanced with 3D motion graphics
- separated into individual segments, allowing you to focus on the specific aviation content
- video progress is automatically synced between your AppleTV, iPhone and iPad using your Sporty's flight training account
- after completing the video training on your AppleTV app, you can use the test prep function on Sporty’s Pilot Training for iPhone and iPad to take practice FAA tests and earn your official knowledge test endorsement

After installing Sporty's Pilot Training for AppleTV, you can either sign-in with your Sporty's flight training account, or use the Restore Purchase function if you have already purchased access to the course from iPhone or iPad version of Sporty's Pilot Training.

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