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앱 설명

Enjoy all of FabFitFun’s original content on the go with the FabFitFunTV app. The FabFitFunTV app offers a wide variety of fitness and wellness content from on-demand workouts from some of the world’s most respected trainers and studios like YogaWorks, Body by Simone, Physique 57 and Burn 60 to healthy cooking content.

* Choose from dozens of videos organized by category such as meditation, dance, yoga, cardio, boxing and more.
* Get your daily sweat session in with anywhere from an 8 minutes burst to a full hour workout.All videos are available on-demand and repeatable as many times as you’d like.
* Find the program and trainer that best suits your fitness goals and preferences.
8 New content is constantly being added; check in regularly for new videos.
* Sign in with your FabFitFun account and stream to your device

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