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앱 설명

Kids Videos brings hours of fun and learning for you kids. Kids videos emphasises on safety. That is why all videos are hand picked instead of selecting by AI.

Unlike other app Kids Videos TV provide detailed controls on what videos your kids can view.

Hand Picked by Humans:
All videos are hand picked by actual humans instead of AI algorithms. We believe humans can better decide what is safe of your kids than a computer Algorithm.

Internet Data limit control:
On average 63% of internet data usage in homes is by kids streaming videos. You can control how much bandwidth to allow by selecting the video quality and bandwidth controls.

Kids Age & Gender:
Videos and channels are categories based on age and gender of your kid. For example we don't show "Barbie" videos to boys. There are dozen of channels with hundreds of videos. You can even select to show or hide other channels as well.

All videos in the app are hand picked form Youtube. Xtreme Media Works does not claim right to videos in the app. The videos are included in the app under the terms of Developer Agreement.

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