Funny 21 - Card Game

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앱 설명

Funny 21 is an exciting card game similar to blackjack. The rules of twenty one are simple, the play is thrilling, and there is opportunity for high strategy. Improve your math skills, feel the risk and catch fortune by the tail. Download this geek puzzle and gain experience without ever dropping a penny right now!

Game features:
- Win a prize every time you score 21 points!
- Cute assistants can give you extra stars, hearts or a discount;
- Standard deck (52 playing cards);
- Well-explained understandable rules;
- Easy swipe to hit or stand;
- Reach the guaranteed level to save your stars;
- Choose from tables with different rules.

Game Rules:
The aim of this classic card board game for adults is to get 21 or as close to as possible without going over twenty one (busting).
Number cards have their face values; jacks, kings and queens are worth 10. Ace is 11, but if you hit two aces in a row, value of each of them changes to 1.
Swipe the card left to hit, swipe right to stand and finish the game.

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The game does not offer real money gambling or an opportunity to win real money or prizes.

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