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앱 설명

Spot Network, a series of Streaming Channels inspired by those who lead an active lifestyle. View original content from the world of Action Sports, Fitness, Travel, Music, Business and beyond.

Exclusive content from Athletes to Rock Stars, Spot Network is designed for those who lead active lifestyles. Available on any device, anywhere, the Spot VOD solution is not only a juggernaut of pure video pleasure, but it is also a powerful business marketing and sales tool that gives brands and business owners power and autonomy. Spot celebrates and supports the Spot Network lifestyle across the globe through active content

How Spot Works:
Chose what you want to watch
Browse through dedicated channels that include Action Sports, Fitness, Travel, Music and more
Under each channel there is Live Events, Exclusive Programming, or content separated by genre
Browse through Channels section to find content from Brands, Athletes, Event Promoters, or other content providers. These individual channels can also host Live Events and content allocated into different categories.
Use the Search feature and find content using keywords

Watch Live Events Now
Watch concurrent streams on multiple devices - As a registered user you may stop watching and continue watching where you left off from any devices or platform

Download the Spot app now, and start enjoying Spot’s extensive content today!

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