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앱 설명

Crypto Portfolio Tracker - CPT

Track your CryptoCurrency investments!
Live Price Streaming! Watch your portfolio perform in real time.

English language only.
iOS Companion App, All data is managed in iOS app on your Phone/iPad.
View all your balances in Fiat/BTC/ETH converted values.
View portfolio performance across many time frames.
All data stored locally on device.
Backup/Restore between any device using same iCloud account.
**Many additional features coming soon!**

iOS Companion App Additional Features:
Apple Watch: Quick portfolio overview and updates (includes app launch complications)
Today Widget available for quick look at portfolio value and coin prices. (iOS 11+)
Unlimited Portfolios - Create and manage multiple portfolios.
Light/Dark modes, multiple themes available.
Get real time pricing, charting, value, and profits of your crypto assets.
Supports tracking trades between any coin and Fiat/BTC/ETH in nearly all exchanges (1000+ trading pairs).
Support for multiple fiats (one per portfolio):

Developer will respond to emails. Common feature requests will get prioritized and released quickly! Active Development.

For any issues, questions, or suggestions:
Contact Developer:

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