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앱 설명

IPEVO Visualizer for tvOS allows your Apple TV to be connected to an external IPEVO wireless document camera for capturing and presenting materials in real time. It gives you powerful new ways to teach, present, collaborate, and share as no computer, iPad or Tablet is required. You’ll only need an Apple TV, a projector/TV, and an IPEVO wireless document camera.

Download Visualizer onto your Apple TV, connect your Apple TV to your IPEVO wireless document camera via Wi-Fi, then, launch Visualizer to start viewing the live images coming from the document camera. You can zoom or rotate the images, adjust the exposure and resolution, apply mirror effect or video filters, and do much more with the features available in Visualizer.

To learn more about the features offered by IPEVO Visualizer (for tvOS), please visit: https://www.ipevo.com/ipevo_visualizer

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