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앱 설명

Turismo for tvOS allows you to navigate anywhere in the world, then zoom in to view captivating satellite imagery. Turismo for tvOS uses dictation search to navigate to points of interest, or alternately displays a result table as you type a desired destination. Scroll to an entry, select it, then return to the Map to display. Use the right touchPad edge of your Siri remote or iOS Remote App to zoom in or out.

After an initial location is displayed, return to the search tab and type in a finer grain search. Example - search for Rome Italy and display the map. Then, search for 'pizza'. Locations serving pizza in Rome are displayed.

Turismo for iOS and macOS are crowdsourced applications wherein you create public tours available to all users, or private tours available to select share participants. Public tours remain available for maximum 30 days while private tours are retained under producer control. Turismo for tvOS is a view-only application and does not allow tour creation.

Upon initial launch, Turismo for tvOS prompts for location authorization to display your location as a point of reference on the map.

Application Terms of Use can be found at http://www.appsird.net/terms

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