Banana Racer Pro - Moto Racing

퍼블리셔: Nicolas Torregiani Lima
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앱 설명

Banana Racer Pro - Moto Racing is a fun casual motorcycle bike Racing and Challenge freestyle game.
The game has great physics and very good control. Perform great acrobatics.
Starts easy and evolves in difficult for the most hardcore game players.
Play freestyle races with challenges at full speed, be the fastest.

Play Mode:
- Racing Mode - Win the 30 races against the grape and the moisture bug!
- History mode has races levels and challenge to accomplish.
- Play random freestyle unlock levels.
- Race against your best plays.

- Universal App - Buy one time and you can play in supported Apple TV, iPhone, iPod touch and iPad.
- No Ads and No inApp purchases.
- Great motorcycle physics.
- Precise controls with Siri Remote or compatible MFI Controllers.

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