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앱 설명

DistroTV™ is a world of free TV. DistroTV™ is a streaming video service built to feed the insatiable curiosities, passions and pursuits of globally-minded viewers with a broad range of entertainment, news, sports, film and TV programming in live, linear and video-on-demand formats.

DistroTV is free to consumers and available now on Apple TV.

DistroTV’s line-up includes a growing and diverse roster of premium content from a growing array of partners from around the world, including lifestyle, sports, and travel content:

- Watch live channels from PeopleTV, FashionTV, ElectricNow, Studio C, Drybar Comedy, Latido Music, Popstar TV and much more.
- Great movies from Film Detective, Movie Kingdom, Monarch, Dove channel, Bambu and many.
- Explore Lifestyle programs from Gusto, Saveur, Yachting, Popular Science, Islands, and others.
- Watch the best in South East Asian entertainment from Rajshri, Bollywood Now, TellyMasala, BritAsia, Channel-S, NTV, Bambu and more.
- Get your adrenaline pumping with sports and fitness channels from Outside TV, LAX Sports Network, Horizon Sports, United Fighting Alliance, Fighting Spirit, & Sportskool.

Download DistroTV today and experience a world of free TV!

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