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Introducing the brand-new TV app! Want some inspiration for your travels? Check out the TV app and be inspired by the high resolution imagery that captures every destination beautifully. Discover activities that are popular with travellers and explore what each destination has to offer.

Explore the world while you sit back and relax. Rely on the TV app to find out the best time to visit places and watch video guides to get a real insight (for selected areas only).
See properties that are highly recommended for your chosen destination and browse through the photos before you make your choice.

Experiencing the app on a big screen makes the process of selecting a destination and property easier when you’re travelling with others. You can easily save properties you like and access them anytime to review together with friends and family. So, when you’re ready – all you need to do is book and enjoy your stay.

Currently the TV app is only available in English with more languages coming soon.

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