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퍼블리셔: Australian Broadcasting Corporation
가격: 무료

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앱 설명

ABC iview streams the best of Australian TV, free and on demand on your Apple TV. Watch the best Australian drama and comedy programs, with multiple series available in full. Catch up on trusted news and current affairs. Explore the wide-range of compelling documentaries. Delve into a huge selection of popular children's programs. Discover must-see iview Original programs.

New programs are added every day so you can watch when it suits you.

ABC iview on Apple TV offers the following features:
* Instant and unlimited access to your favourite ABC TV programs
* Search: By program name, or browse programs by channel, category, popular, latest or last night
* Recommendations: Browse curated collections, similar programs and more episodes of favourite shows
* Continue Watching: Programs you have time left to watch are now accessible via a handy section on the home screen
* Closed Captions: Set iview to display closed captions, available on a large amount of programs
* Adaptive video quality: Programs automatically adjust to available bandwidth and network conditions

Watching iview on any Apple device is metered regardless of your ISP. Due to rights restrictions, ABC iview is geo-blocked to Australia. Follow ABC iview on Facebook and Twitter @abciview for the latest programs, chat and updates.

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