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앱 설명

Divine Word International Ministries began as a small Prayer group (Divine Prayer Line) on a free conference line and has grown in a very short time to a full-fledged Ministry.

Established by Bishop Dr. Kofi Adonteng-Boateng, The General Overseer of Divine Word International Ministries with the sole aim of bringing together Christians around the world under the banner of receiving the salvation of Jesus Christ. Within a few years of its existence, lots of souls have been won, burdens broken, and the sick healed. The Ministry is impacting thousands of lives. God has given Bishop Dr. Kofi a big vision: to Love, Live and Lead Like Christ. A vision where families are strong units, founded in the Word of God, and raising men and women to be people of integrity, honor and discipline. A vision where communities work together to help the less fortunate so that everyone is not only employed but empowered to be contributing members of society around the world. A vision where corporations and governments turn to men and women of Christian faith for guidance, direction and leadership in business and governmental affairs. God continues to bring people to Divine Word who are both skilled and passionate about the Kingdom of God to help make this vision a reality.
Our history has been rich, but our future will be richer. We hope you will be a part of it.

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