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앱 설명

Enjoy Digiturk Play on the big screen abroad! *
You are abroad and want to watch your team's match, your favorite TV channel or a series you missed. Your solution Digiturk Play!
Turkey's most popular national channels, Turkey Super League and the League 1. league matches live, Watch again with the most watched television episodes you missed, enjoy watching Turkish movies.**

You can download this application to your 4th Generation Apple TV and start watching the channels in your Digiturk Play package immediately on your TV.

Moreover, Digiturk Play without paying any difference to your package.

Digiturk Play wishes you a good time!

* The application is available on Apple TV 4th generation devices. If you find an error in the application, you can request support by specifying the model and version of your Apple TV to support-stb@digiturk.com.tr
** Live broadcast of some TV channels or some specific programs may be geo-blocked due to content agreements with the rightholders.

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