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앱 설명

PIX is the leading collaboration and communication platform for professional content creators. PIX makes filmmaking easier by bringing together the people who need to review your project, and providing the information they need to do their jobs with speed and accuracy. Project teams can securely share material using familiar tools, knowing the integrity of creative feedback will be preserved from set to studio and beyond. PIX makes it our mission to ensure that your work is always safe.


Easy Navigation Options
• Login through the Apple TV remote, or via the iOS Apple TV remote app
• Use speech recognition
• Search your inbox to find shared material, and see any messages displayed with the content

Helpful Video Controls
• Scrub video timelines with thumbnails
• Jump forward or backwards 10 seconds in clips
• Resume playback and sync progress across devices
• View overlay with duration counter

Integrated Production Workflow
• Metadata tracking from production through final release to facilitate client workflows
• Progress across devices synchronized for resume playback
• Integrations leveraging industry tools, as well as custom integrations

Industry-Leading Security
• Highly customizable visual and forensic watermarking
• End-to-end encryption
• Two-factor authentication (2FA) and other user access controls
• Threat monitoring and 24/7 user activity logging

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